Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you dream of your newborn to grow up to be a top-notch gambler?

57 percent are in favor of the casino issue? Great! That can be the rallying cry to get people out of their houses on November 3 to vote against it. I was not against slots in the casinos, which would have provided a boost for the sport of horse racing. But casinos? No way. In its totality casinos are not a boon for the public good. The public good, as a whole, needs to be considered in all our decisions. It is not about right-now-short-term needs. Look at the entire picture. Is gambling a productive community based endeavor? As you look at your newborn babe in the cradle do you dream that someday he or she will grow up to be a top-notch gambler? Vote NO on Issue 3, for the common good. Vote NO for YOUR good. Vote NO because there are better ways out there to take care of our Ohio community, our Ohio family. Vote NO.


Blogger Kristen said...

Obviously the advertising campaign was a great success. People I know who had always voted against it changed their votes, swayed by the hype, not thinking it through.

All advertising is designed for just that ... to get people to act without thinking. Advertising appeals to our weaknesses: our basic needs for food, shelter and safety, and our hard-wired desires to belong, for self esteem, and to discover what is important in life.

Look carefully at advertising to see how it might be manipulating you.

Do you want to be manipulated ... Or do you want to make your own conscious choices?

9:19 AM  

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