Saturday, November 25, 2006

Connection to the Universal Knowing

A friend recently told me why he believes the death of his body is the death of all that he is. A paraphrase of his story.

"In the 1980's a researcher at Purdue University created a many-legged critter with a solar cell and a few circuits to allow movement and hold a few rules of function, but no memory chip. When switched on, the critter started moving, and gradually "learned" how to coordinate the legs for forward movement. When a leg encountered an obstacle, like being stuck in a tiny bucket, it kept moving the impaired leg until it was free, then continued on.

"On the other hand, robots with memory chips that were being programmed by scientists were way behind what these simple critters could do"

"Why do you consider this a proof that you have no spirit that will live on after the death of your body", I asked?

"I never said it was a 'proof'!" (Being a retired chemist, that word had a very specific meaning with a set of rules as to it's proper use.)

I was persistent, asking what the connection was, and never did receive an answer.

Here is my understanding of the meaning of the events as he related them.

• The 'critter' had a solar cell, connecting it to the energy of the sun, one small part of the energy of the Universe.
• By not giving it a memory chip and programming, the researcher was giving 'permission' for the Natural Way of the Universe to happen.
• And it did.
• Everything is connected to the Universal Knowing.
• (The robots with the programming did not give permission for the Knowing to enter, so fumbled along with what they were programmed to do.)

To me, his story is a compelling reason to believe that our spirits DO live beyond our bodies.

I tried to do a search for the original Purdue study to learn more, but being from the 80's, if it was out there, it was buried. If anyone can set me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!


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