Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tower City Parking

The morning started peaceful enough.  It was with an air of excitement that I headed west on 480 to go to my COSE Orientation.  Rush hour traffic had even parted for me to get onto the highway.

Instructions in hand from the COSE website, I exited at 8:20 AM for an 8:30 meeting, within three blocks of my destination.  

I arrived at the meeting at 9:10, tears of frustration still damp on my face.

I have been driving around downtown Cleveland a lot in the last three months, and been 'lost', too.  It was all part of the adventure.  It does help if one has a sense of where one is going so that going the wrong way is only a bit of a delay.  That was the problem here.  I had no idea where I was going!

For those who have never parked at Tower City Parking, let me give you a few tips:  From Huron, you will not see the parking garage, so do not have your eye attuned for a building with an entrance.  Look instead for what looks like a bridge heading to the West Side, across the Cuyahoga!  The sign for Tower City Parking is small and horizontal.  You might not see it at first because it is overpowered by the huge neon guitar that announces the Hard Rock Cafe.  Drive right past this huge guitar onto the "bridge", which curves around to the ticket kiosk. 

Now to park.  If you happen to head up a ramp only to be confronted by device that looks like it will give you another ticket, say "oops", back up and drive down the 'out' ramp to the ticket-parking area. (What you just left is an area that is for people who have accounts.)

So, part of my morning was a bit unsettling.  The good thing is that more complete driving instructions will soon be posted on the COSE website.  Since COSE serves many businesses in the outskirts of the Greater Cleveland area, this will be of great service.

Once you know the tricks to parking, the wonders of Tower City are just a few steps away. Wander around and enjoy!


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