Monday, December 18, 2006

A Loving Overview, by Laurie A. Monroe

As I walked through the woods, the mountains surrounded me and comforted me with their strength. The earth invited me to sit for awhile and to listen to the gentle winds swirling through the statuesque trees whose branches reached out to me with an understanding hug. As I sat there in awe of this magnificent creation, thoughts of change entered my mind. Through all of time, change is omnipresent and it is the basic element of Universal law.

Through transition of any kind there exists a constant--Change. One cannot ignore or deny change, for change is instrumental in our ever evolving pattern of growth and self-discovery. With this acceptance a new awareness of self takes place and we are able to look at ourselves with a Different Overview, one of total love; hence infinite possibilities. We are truly more than physical matter and can perceive that which is greater than physical reality as we know it.

In the process of acceptance, one begins to remember small parts of the Whole that we are a part of--the eminence of One. To know that there is no separation, there are no limitations, and nothing is by chance is to know inner peace. To illustrate this, experience your innermost thoughts while listening to the silence; for it is in the silence that we will truly know the oneness that we are. To accept the truth of this oneness is to know that we are a magnificent expression of Love, which is life's energy.

Laurie A. Monroe, who took over running the Monroe Institute after her father's death, passed gently from the physical in her sleep early on the morning of December 18, 2006.
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