Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feel Love, Spread Love. We Are All One.

The title link goes to a new article at The Peace Tree.

The following are my comments at The Peace Tree to this contribution by author Christopher Wilcox. Please go to the original post at Peace Tree to tell of your experiences with prejudice, your opinions on how this country will handle Barack Obama's bid for the presidency, or to suggest ways to spread peace and tolerance.

All we can do is to keep spreading love, peace, and tolerance with all that we are and do, and we have to do it actively and with passion.

The negative side has it's passion to fuel the hate. Peace must also be spread with passion, not in anti-war rallies, but in passionate circles of peace.

Here are some interesting links to add to this discussion. I apologize for one being at my own blog, but I posted today's Bizarro cartoon to promote peace through understanding and tolerance.

Another place to explore this topic is at the Discuss Race Forum, started by Dave Meyers. From his website:

Despite being  clearly interracial, Dave was told by his mother that he had a Skin Disease to hide the African part of his being...

Also check out this excellent essay by Frank DeMarco, posted at Insights Blog. An excerpt from: The Secret - and Politics

Reframe everything we worry about. Replace every negative with its implied positive. Moving out of the villains-and-victims mind set, look again for the underlying causes of the world’s problems.

After reading this essay, I went to my blog and replaced all of the titles with positive messages, even if the article referenced was pointing out something negative. My reason for posting the negative in the first place was to create positive action, so the first step is to state right out what a positive step would be. If each of us in this peace movement would do that, I believe we will make a difference at a much faster rate than by just voicing the negative.

Here are 100 quotes from the movie, "The Secret" posted at Insights Blog.


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