Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Highly Sensitive Person

My journey of growth and discovery these last five years or so were due to a great many books that I read and found to be immediately pertinent to my life. One of the most pivotal was, "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron. I have recommend this book over and over to people I meet who seem to be in the same state of confusion that I was, or who have the same sensitivities that make it sometimes hard to 'fit in' with the way the world works.

Elaine Aron has a website and a newsletter. The current newsletter has three articles that are well worth reading.

Latest Research: 
What HSPs See: Our Brain Is Not 
as Easily Confused by Culture and Context

What HSPs Can Give and Get from Animals and Babies

Book Review: Unto Others: The Evolution and 
Psychology of Unselfish Behavior 
by Elliott Sober and David Sloan Wilson, Harvard University Press, 1998

I am adding a link to The Unlimited Love Institute to go along with this last book and article. Stephen G. Post, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, is doing research and writing on the same topic. He and co-author Jill Neimark will soon be releasing a new book, "Why it's Good to be Good". There are other books at the Institute link with similiar topics.

To order a signed copy of The Highly Sensitive Person through the author's website, click here.

To order from Amazon through White Light of Peace, go to Books and Music for Peace.


Blogger Hurricane Teen said...

Thank you very much for adding me to your blogroll! It is a nice surprise to see other nature lovers out there.

9:29 PM  
Blogger SimplyTim said...

Kristen: I agree, the book and the patterns it explores is very important. It is particularly important to people who tend to be highly anxious. When then make the connection between the two, life can get easier - at least in the sense that they can recognize when they need to slow down, chill, put up some speed bumps, etc., etc.

6:53 PM  

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