Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Companies are "Going Green"

Another article of note in today's news is about Fairmount Minerals, a company returning habitat to mined areas.

It received the 2005 Environmental Business of the Year award from the Audobon Society of Michigan and the 2006 Corporate Stewardship Award from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Some excerpts from the title link article:

While Fairmount Minerals has committed to saving birds at its mines in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, its devotion to socially conscious business practices doesn't end there. The company, for instance, offers its employees $2,000 toward the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.

... In April, the company will begin reporting on a variety of its efforts to the U.N. Global Compact, a collection of businesses devoted to a cleaner environment, respect for workers and ethical practices.

Fairmount Minerals recently gave Case
(Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland) $2 million to endow a chair in social entrepreneurship at the Weatherhead School of Management. The company gave the school $400,000 more as seed money for the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit.

There is much more at the title link. Kodos to Fairmount Minerals, Chardon OH.


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