Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We must drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions

When Being Green Raises the Heat

Excerpt from op-ed article at the New York Times, Jan 16, 2007. Full article at title link.

To preserve our environment, we must drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and this will require a major transformation of our energy system. A primary goal for the next half-century should be to transform our energy system to one based on clean, safe and environmentally acceptable energy sources like wind, solar and perhaps nuclear. This means solving the real problems involved with storing and distributing power, providing energy for transportation, and using nuclear plants.
We cannot afford to indulge ourselves with well-intentioned activities that do little to solve the underlying problem. Instead, we must demand that our political leaders do more to revolutionize our energy system and preserve our environmental inheritance for future generations.

Ken Caldeira is a scientist at the Carnegie Institution's department of global ecology.

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