Monday, March 12, 2007

Making Choices. Progress. Earthquake!

I woke this morning with a frown on my face and surrounded by a feeling of oppression.

"Oops", I thought. "I do not want to go through the day with this attitude surrounding me."

And with that, I closed my eyes and reached my mind up beyond myself to the clear air and sunlight above as I took in a long and deep breath. The deep breath brought the clear air and sunlight of my imagination into myself, replacing the heaviness and gloom.

As I breathed out, some of the gloom returned, but I was not to be overtaken. Five or six more times I reached above myself to the clear air and sunlight above me, outside of me in my imagination, and breathed it in. Each time the gloom was weaker, and when it was gone I was ready to start the day with a fresh outlook and light spirit.

I created a poster for Imagination Arts for Veterans, and a brief press release to go with it, searched out email addresses to send the press release, and printed out hard copies to send to other print and broadcast media. I collected addresses for the mailed press releases, and headed off to teach the Draw and Paint class at Sylvia's with a 30-minute stop at Sirna's on Broadway for cheesy tortilla soup. They make the best homemade soups there: Fresh ingredients and not too salty.

There was a bit of excitement during art class. We had an earthquake! I have been through several while in NY and OH, but usually I miss them because they are pretty mild here. One I remember in Northern NY sounded (and felt) like a train passing by very close (but there was no train.) The sound even came from a distance, got louder, then faded, along with the shaking. This one today sounded more like a sonic boom, or perhaps someone dropping a rail car from a crane onto the ground. There was a loud sound and the house shook, but it was over in about two seconds.

All for now. Tomorrow I will be back at getting out the word for the veterans' program.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your work with the Veterans program sounds very cool!

Good job on kicking the gloom out of the morning, on somedays it's harder to do then others.

9:14 PM  
Blogger SimplyTim said...


I liked the way that you stayed with the beginning moments of your day. Persistently. It's worth dealing with that first issue right away.


9:52 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Thanks Tim and Proxima. You are both correct. Some days it is more difficult than others. Persistence can pay off, though!

5:44 PM  

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