Monday, January 29, 2007


How many remember the joy that life held as a child? There was discovery of new things every day. Some were scary, some were exciting, and some expanded the mind and created mental growth and new awareness of the world.

How much of that joy is left in each of us? Does it ever show up? Do you ever allow it to come forth?

We enclose ourselves in chains and build box walls around ourselves as we go through life. Things that hurt us build walls.
Expectations from those we admire create must-do behaviors that we retain long after the cause, source, and reason-for-being have passed and been forgotten.

The first step to inner peace is to let down these barriers preventing access to the joy of childhood, which is quite simply, joy in life itself.

These chains around the soul can be released, through your own efforts by trusting your heart. If a long-held belief or behavior feels wrong or unnatural, it is. The heart is connected to the Universal Truth. The boxes we construct for ourselves, and the chains we tie around our feelings, prevent us from reaching out in a real and honest way to family, friends, lovers, humanity, nature, and the planet.

We are all connected. Dissolve the chains and peer through the walls to the Light beyond. Inner peace and purpose lie just ahead ...

Inner Peace Brings World Peace


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