Friday, February 02, 2007

Can't Log In (By the usual methods) Here is a path.

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I am posting this as a public service.

02-04 Update. If I try to log in by the regular method, I get the 'switch now' screen, with seemingly no way out. If I go back to my blog, though, the pencil edit icons are up. Clicking on them sends me back to the switch page, so that is a dead end, also.

If I go to another blog and make a comment, though, I am able to get inside my blog to post after I return from commenting elsewhere.

Try it to see if it works for you, and let me know!

Well, it has happened. I am locked out of my blog.

{Sort of.}

I do not at all like the strong-arm tactics. I cannot log in, period, unless I switch.
{Not quite true.}

When you see the warning that you can skip switching only once, it does not mean that you will never again be offered the opportunity (as I thought) to switch.

It means that after the once, you will be locked out.

{By the usual methods of logging in.}

Be warned.

I posted this warning as a comment in a couple of blogs, noting with surprise that my old username way of commenting seemed to work. I returned to my blog to see if I could comment at my own blog, and the pencil icons were up, meaning I could click on this editing tool to access my account.

This new post was created in this way, by first clicking on the editing pencil, then clicking on the 'create' tab.

I guess I will have to switch soon, but will try to hang on with this until I have the time to switch.


Blogger Cheryl said...

I can't imagine bing locked out of your blog. Not fair! I switched to beta in the beginning. I think it only took a few minutes.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Well, they have closed the final loop. I now can only make comments to my own blog. (No new posts until I go through the torture of 'switching'.)

8:16 PM  

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