Friday, February 02, 2007

Making Peace, One Person at a Time

Information at Northcoast Conflict Solutions led me to donate my services through Imagination Arts for returning Iraqi and Gulf War Vets and families through

Northcoast Conflict Solutions
Celebrating 11 years of peacemaking
Making peace, one person at a time
7007 East Sprague Road, #1
Independence, OH 44131
(440) 262-3700
(440) 262-3702 FX

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Gandhi

NCS is again sponsoring the Northeast Ohio Peacemaker of the Year Contest.
Nominate a secondary student or adult for the second annual Northeast Ohio Peacemaker of the Year. Deadline April 2, 2007. Instructions and nomination form are at the title link above. Donations for prizes are being accepted. Email address at the title link above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Once I get this medical stuff worked out and a stable job, I can start volunteering regualrly again. I can't wait! I don't want to make a commitment to a person/organization and then find myself unable to fulfill it.


6:20 PM  

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